Oshawa school's 'progressive discipline model' ineffective as bullies assault teachers and students

Three bullies are assaulting students and teachers alike at a school in Oshawa, Ontario, and yet the school board refuses to rein in these thugs. Why?

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Here’s the deal: schools everywhere put posters on display stating, “zero tolerance for bullying.” That’s a great sentiment. But in practice, progressive school board trustees believe that zero tolerance for bullying means accommodating the bullies!

Case and point: for months now, a trio of Grade 8 girls at Elsie MacGill Public School have been physically assaulting not only younger children but even the teachers! Worse, nothing tangible is ever done about their outrageous behaviour. The carnage being carried out by these mean girls is so bad that on Wednesday the police were called. Several parents pulled their children from the school, and demonstrations have taken place by parents and their supporters.

We reached out by email to the Durham District School Board for comment. Last year, Rebel News reporter David Menzies was served a trespass notice at DDSB headquarters when he had the temerity to ask a trustee about the sexualized books the DDSB provides for its students. The snowflake trustee was so offended by the query that the school board’s solution was to shut down the practice of journalism. Talk about bullying!

Then again, school board trustees tend to be uber-bullies themselves when it comes to dealing with parents who have concerns about the woke curriculum. Mothers and fathers are routinely frog-marched out of the DDSB school board HQ by police, simply for raising concerns about inappropriate material.

In any event, the DDSB did get back to us via email. Spokesman Cody Wilkins stated: “There was no lockdown at the school Wednesday. Rather, the school implemented a localized safety protocol, securing students in designated areas as a precautionary measure for a short period of time. This protocol is part of our commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of all students and staff.”

As expected, the DDSB can’t speak about this specific case of bullying due to “privacy” concerns.

Wilkins added: “In all instances of bullying, the DDSB adheres to a progressive discipline model that prioritizes the safety and well-being of every student.”

It would appear that this “progressive discipline model” is in desperate need of repair. The very next day, there was another development. More than 20 teachers at Elsie MacGill walked off the job, apparently with the full backing of their union. You see, thanks to the bullies, the school is no longer a safe space for students, and even the teachers are being physically assaulted!

The DDSB seems to think that by accommodating these bullies and giving them endless second chances, these young thugs will have a come-to-Jesus moment and independently modify their odious behaviour. Instead, what’s happening at Elsie MacGill is that the bullies are setting the agenda  so much that the school can no longer function.

Disciplining students who are out of control is off the table for the progressives running the DDSB. We’ll monitor this situation in the days ahead. In the meantime, these imbecilic "educrats" at the DDSB really need to go back to school.

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