One month of Ottawa Airport security failures: Multiple breaches and an entire unscreened flight

A four-year-long access to information investigation into just one month of security screening incidents at the Ottawa Airport has uncovered multiple breaches, including an entire flight to Boston that was not properly screened.

The Transport Canada documents first requested by Rebel News in July 2016, and just returned in February 2020, detail multiple serious security failures at the Ottawa International Airport during January 2016.

On January 17th, 2016, a security breach occurred when a passenger was able to gain access to the “sterile area” — past the security checkpoint — with a 7 cm long screwdriver. An airline representative returned to the checkpoint with the screwdriver and advised the screening point manager that a passenger had given her this prior to boarding an Air Canada for Halifax.

Another incident describes the failure of the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) to properly screen an entire Boston bound flight:

“"received a call from sitcen at approximately 1500 hours advising of a security incident at the Ottawa International airport. CATSA advised sitcen the first flight of the day search was missed by CATSA. When CATSA arrived at the gate 90 minutes prior to departure, CATSA was advised that the flight had departed earlier in the day (time unknown) CATSA was not advised by the air carrier of the revised departure time and the required search of the aircraft was not conducted. The flight landed in Boston and the TSA was advised.”

On January 26th, 2016 three consecutive positive explosive tests were done on a passenger's laptop, suitcase and purse after the passenger had been randomly selected for further screening. The passenger was allowed to keep her items with her on an Air Canada flight to Calgary after officials guessed that cleaning products used in the items may produce a false positive.

Then there were the nunchucks. New year's Day 2016, WestJet officials reported to Transport Canada that a passenger had cleared security with nunchucks and tried to take them on the plane. Other incidents detail vehicles that failed to stop when flagged for additional screening at the airport.

Rebel Commander, Ezra Levant, confronted convicted war criminal Omar Khadr in the Halifax airport after Ezra realized he had just been on an Air Canada flight from Toronto to Halifax from Toronto with one of al-Qaeda’s finest.

I guess it's really no surprise how a confessed terrorist was able to get onto a Canadian flight.

On January 26th 2016, three consecutive positive explosive tests were done on a passenger's laptop suitcase and purse after the passenger had been randomly selected for further

screening. The passenger was allowed to keep their items with them on an Air Canada flight to Calgary saying that cleaning products probably produced a false positive.

On Jan 14, 2016 the least shocking security breach here is when a passenger was found with one bullet on him at screening. Who among us hasn’t accidentally left at .22 casing in their pocket? At least they caught it at security unlike the nunchucks in the screwdriver.

This is just 1 month in 2016 of security breaches at 1 Canadian airport.

Screeners missed nunchucks and a screwdriver, let a plane fly to Boston completely unscreened and had vehicles just drive away that were selected for screening.

Oh and the one woman who tested positive for explosives on her 3 times had her laptop returned to her because she assured them she had just been using cleaning supplies, no big deal.

I think Transport Canada has a lot of explaining to do.

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  • By David Menzies

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