OTTAWA RECAP: Kids can't vote, leftist MPs won't condemn threats, allegations against Chris Bittle

Find out what you missed in Parliament. Today, an NDP motion to let 16-year-olds vote failed. The leftists in the House of Commons won’t condemn online threats, and Liberals won’t back down from their planned carbon tax hikes.

OTTAWA RECAP: Kids can't vote, leftist MPs won't condemn threats, allegations against Chris Bittle
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The big topic of the day was New Democrat MP Taylor Bachrach’s proposed Bill C-210 that would have given 16-year-old children the right to vote.

Bachrach argued that giving Canadian kids the right to vote is something crucial to our democracy. 

“We saw just a few months ago here in Ottawa during the blockades when thousands of people who aren’t feeling like their voices are being heard, we see this around the world,” he told a reporter.

Bill C-21 went through a vote after its second reading today.

After a vote of 77 in favour of the bill compared to 245 against, Bachrach's bill to lower the voting age failed to move on to a third reading. Bachrach stated prior to the vote that this bill was aimed at helping foster a healthier democracy in Canada. 

The vote was split on the side of the Liberals, with some MPs, including former Olympic gold medalist Adam Van Koeverden, voting for the proposed bill. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau voted “nay.”

The Conservative bench unanimously voted against the bill, while both the NDP and the Bloc Québécois unanimously voted in favour of it. 

Despite the bill's failure, Dominic Leblanc, the Liberal minister of governmental affairs, said that the government “looks forward to working with” the NDP on this “important matter” in the future. No clarification as to what that might mean has been provided. 

While it was being debated whether or not kids should be able to vote — as if a sane country would debate such a thing — politicians had other issues at hand, including a threatening tweet written by a Parliamentary Press Gallery-accredited journalist against Conservative MP Garnett Genuis. 

Indeed, days ago, the Conservative MP made a funny remark against Liberal PM Justin Trudeau by signing his speech in the House of Commons to the tone of Queen's hit song Bohemian Rhapsody, which Prime Minister Trudeau infamously sung ahead of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral.

Following Genuis' remarks in the House, a tweet written by Dale Smith, stirred up controversy. Smith said that Genuis’ comments were lame, and “when horses are this lame, you shoot them.”

This provoked backlash online, and today, Conservative MPs brought forward a motion asking the House to condemn Smith’s tweet. To everyone’s surprise, members of Parliament sitting on the other side of the Conservative bench yelled “nay,” essentially vetoing the motion. 

This caused Conservative MPs to yell “shame,” and Gerard Deltell to yell “damn you,” towards the leftist politicians as they shamefully decided to not condemn threats made towards one of their colleagues. 

Speaker of the House Anthony Rota had to ask everyone to remain calm and control their emotions. 

As usual, a showdown between Opposition Leader Pierre Poilievre and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland occurred. The newly elected leader of the Conservative Party of Canada once again put pressure on the deputy PM to cancel the upcoming tax hikes and lower the carbon tax. 

The pair also again debated employment insurance contribution rates, as well as both party’s economic policies.

Finally, after Bill C-210 was voted down, Conservative MP John Nater stood up and made some surprising comments. 

Nater explained that allegations were levied against Liberal MP Chris Bittle, where an accuser alleges Bittle “intimidated a witness” that testified on Bill C-11 earlier this year. Rebel News will investigate this story and bring you any developments we may uncover.

This isn’t the first time Chris Bittle acted, or allegedly acted, disgracefully. 

Last week, when being interviewed by Rebel News, Bittle refused to provide any comment and even went as far as blocking our reporter on Twitter.

The only comment provided by the St. Catharines, Ontario, MP was the same as Transport Minister Omar Alghabra: “have a great day.” 

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