Palaszczuk lands in Tokyo to secure unopposed Olympic bid

The QLD premier also lobbies to cut international travel by 70%

Palaszczuk lands in Tokyo to secure unopposed Olympic bid
Photo: AAP/Darren England
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Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has arrived in Tokyo to secure the bid for the Queensland 2032 Summer Olympics – despite the bid being unopposed...

With no one else in the race, the need for the premier’s travel exemption has been questioned, especially after Palaszczuk lobbied the Federal government to cut the existing travel caps by a further 50-70%.

“I would like to see a massive reduction. We need to do that now because we need to contain this Delta strain,” said Palaszczuk.

130,000 signed a petition protesting the premier’s hypocrisy regarding international travel.

July 14 already saw the 6,070 per week international travel cap slashed by Prime Minister Scott Morrison to 3,035 under phase one of the four phase plan called, ‘vaccinate, prepare, and pilot’. Sydney takes half of all international arrivals, Melbourne 1,000, Brisbane 1,300, and Perth 530.

10,000 Australians wishing to leave Australia had their travel permits declined, while 34,000 stranded Australians are waiting to return home.

Palaszczuk’s demand would mean Australia is effectively shut off from the rest of the world.

The premier's Tokyo trip is considered to be unnecessary by most as Brisbane’s bid is the first unopposed Olympic bid in history. With no one else in the running for 2032, Palaszczuk was forced to defend her decision to the ABC’s Q+A.

"The reason that I would be going to Tokyo is to a help secure the 2032 Olympics for Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. This is a very important meeting and it is expected by the International Olympic Committee that a federal representative, the Premier and the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, attend to present, in front of the International Olympic Committee. And upon return, I would do the 14-day quarantine in a hotel, not in my home, not at The Lodge," said Palaszczuk.

According to the Premier, the 2032 Summer Olympics bid would bring 130,000 jobs to Queensland.

"It's worth about $14 billion and I would hope, by 2032, we would be back to a normal society of freedom.”

With the bid unopposed, the question is not whether or not the Brisbane Summer Olympics would be economically beneficially to Queensland, but whether or not there is any necessity for the Premier to attend the Tokyo Olympics in person to secure a bid that is already guaranteed.

Sentiment about playing host to the Olympics is dipping, as nations are forced to weigh up the enormous economic coast of the games.

The Tokyo Olympics has proven to be the most expensive ever held, with the Japanese people increasingly opposed to the public expense and disruption.

The Queensland 2021 Budget forecasted a debt of $130 billion by 2025.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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