Trudeau Liberals approve millions in pandemic relief for weed shops

Justin Trudeau is bailing out one of the few businesses thriving during the coronavirus pandemic — the legalized pot industry.

At the beginning of 2020, it was predicted that this year would be a rough one for the legalized marijuana industry in Canada.

But along came the Wuhan flu and with it, an entire society went under house arrest, shuttered into their houses with nothing to do but smoke dope, drink wine, watch Netflix and eat junk food.

And the result was a boom in the marijuana industry, especially since the legalized pot shops were declared essential services like police and hospitals and journalists, I guess

Just look at this, from Blacklock's Reporter:

Cabinet yesterday approved millions in pandemic relief to marijuana dealers. The Department of Health deferred payment of annual licensing fees, though cannabis stores showed the sharpest year over year sales increase of any class of retailer.

...Cannabis sales in May showed a year over year gain of 116 percent, from $86 million to $186 million, according to Statistics Canada Retail Sales By Industry data. By comparison, beer and liquor stores saw a three percent gain in sales.

Of all the industries struggling in Canada, the weed man doesn't need government help.