Parents left fuming as school changes toilet signs to include gender neutral pronouns

Northlakes High School under fire from parents over woke move

Parents left fuming as school changes toilet signs to include gender neutral pronouns
The new gender neutral signs drew anger on social media / Facebook
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A NSW high school has come under fire from parents after new gender neutral pronoun signs were posted outside toilets.

The new signs which state 'He/They' and 'She/They' were pinned next to traditional toilet signs at Northlakes High School, a public school on the state's Central Coast.

The move prompted complaints from both parents and members of the public on social media, concerned about the school's new woke idealogy and that the signs may encourage boys to use girls toilets, with the potential of early-teen students sharing bathroom space with near-adults.

The Daily Telegraph reported:

Asked about the signs at Northlakes and whether it had a policy about single sex toilets, a NSW Department of Education department spokeswoman said:

“At Northlakes High School, except for one unisex, lockable, single cubicle toilet attached to the school sick bay, all toilets are single sex.”

One Nation MP Mark Latham told The Daily Telegraph the move was simply a “political statement”.

He said parents had approached him about the new signs, expressing their concern at the move and said a father told him that his 13-year-old daughter felt “confused” and “anxious” about the new signs.

“I think these pronouns, that are restricted to the woke elite, do not have widespread use,” Latham said.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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