Hypocrisy? Patrick Brown dodges question from Rebel News reporter on trust and pandemic restrictions

Brampton's mayor didn't seem too pleased when asked how people can continue to trust him after Rebel News seemingly witnessed the politician breaking his own Covid-19 restrictions by attending a local hockey rink with friends two years ago.

Hypocrisy? Patrick Brown dodges question from Rebel News reporter on pandemic restrictions
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It’s now been almost two years since I started working with Rebel News. My very first day on the job was an exciting one to say the least. I showed up at a hockey rink in Brampton, not knowing what to expect from Rebel at the time. Little did I know what was to come from my first day on the job.

I showed up to the arena in Brampton, where my colleagues David Menzies and Mocha Bezirgan explained to me that they had received a tip that the mayor of Brampton, Patrick Brown, was using the public hockey rink to host hockey games for him and his buddies. This action would be completely breaking his own rules and regulations regarding the Covid-19 measures at the time.

Long story short, I couldn’t believe my eyes when the tip turned out to be true and Mayor Brown walked right into our camera lenses. To check out all of our coverage regarding Patrick Brown and this story, visit sneakypatrick.com.

There’s a whole web of lies and contradictions when it comes to Patrick Brown trying to cover up the story. After almost two long years, I finally had the chance to ask him about that day at the conservative leadership debates in Laval, Quebec. Once again, sneaky Patrick continued to lie and avoided owning up to his actions.

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