Patriotic Hoteliers Speak Out

The owners of the Hatters Hotel in Skegness turned down a lucrative deal to house migrants in their hotel. They chose to not "take the shilling” and are putting morals above money.

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Britain is experiencing an illegal immigration crisis and the government are temporarily housing the growing number of migrants in hotels. Lucrative deals are being offered to hoteliers prepared to close doors to the public and be used as migrant accommodation. After two challenging years in the hotel industry many hoteliers have succumbed to the temptation and tourist destinations around the UK are filling up with young male migrants. The Hatters Hotel in Skegness turned down one of the UK governments offers because of the impact it would have on the local community.

Gary and Dee Allen, the owners of the Hatters hotel, were first approached by a company acting on behalf of the government in 2021 and again recently with the offer of ten thousand pounds per week. The deal was for them to close Hatters hotel to the public and make the building available for migrant accommodation. Other stipulations of the deal included, sacking all the staff expect one, cancel existing bookings, change the laundry once a week and provide the migrants with two basic meals a day.

Skegness is an iconic tourist town along the Lincolnshire coast which attracts more than two million tourists each year. Currently five hotels are being used as migrant accommodation, three of which are along the seafront in previously popular tourist hotels.

Skegness has become the centre of the migrant row because the towns locals have been campaigning for their local MP to do something about the worsening situation. Many of the town’s residents have complained that the migrant hotel situation will put off tourists visiting the town and this will have a detrimental effect on the tourist industry.

In November a public meeting was held in Skegness in which local residents openly complained about the lack of communication, feeling unsafe, the damage to the tourist industry and the strain on public services potentially caused by the influx of migrants to the town.

With so many hotels closing their doors and accepting the UK government’s lucrative offers, Rebel News got this exclusive interview with Dee and Gary Allen to find out why they turned down a life changing amount of money.

Rebel News UK Reporter Callum Smiles has been reporting extensively on the migrant crisis in the UK and you can see all his reports and more at

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