Pfizer COVID vaccine clinical trial gone wrong: Maddie de Garay's story (Part 2)

Maddie de Garay was 12 years old when she did her part to get back to normal and enrolled as a participant in the Phase III Clinical Trial of Pfizer’s COVID injection. Her and her family never imagined that trusting the science would result in debilitating life changes.

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This is the second part in a two-part series of the horrific story of Maddie de Garay, as told by her mother Stephanie.

You can watch the first part here.

In today's video, Stephanie recounts how doctors would not provide Maddie with even the most basic of mobility devices. “They said that if we got her a wheelchair, it was going to make her worse.” Stephanie says that Maddie was left to “scoot around on her butt for a long time.” The family has had to make modifications to their home to accommodate Maddie’s paraplegia. Stephanie was unable to work and is only now back part-time.

Voicing concerns over this kind of reaction and treatment happening to kids, Stephanie says that her “biggest concern, other than getting my daughter better, is that this is happening to more people and it’s going to continue happening to more people because of the emergency approval. None of the things that have happened [to Maddie] are in that emergency approval and the documentation that the public can see. They [Pfizer] lied.”

Maddie’s reaction has been formally documented as “functional abdominal pain” and “paresthesia” i.e. pins and needles. Stephanie reiterates the gross understatement of these diagnoses — Maddie is in a wheelchair, she can’t walk, she can’t swallow and she is fed exclusively through an nasogastric tube (NG) tube. In addition to other ailments, Maddie requires help with every aspect of her life now.

“It’s like watching a horror movie,” says Stephanie who says once doctors become aware that Maddie partook in a clinical trial, “you can tell that they want nothing to do with her because they can lose their job if they were to even say that anything is wrong with [Maddie].” She had taken Maddie back to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and two additional children’s hospitals only to be disregarded by the medical establishment. Writing a well sourced letter to the FDA expressing concern over the emergency use authorized injection for children has fallen on deaf ears.

“As time went on, I realized that I needed to re-look at functional medical doctors because some patients were improving,” Stephanie shared as she detailed how Maddie was sent to a psyche ward and gaslit by doctors instead of having her physical ailments treated.

The lack of prognosis is coupled by extreme online censorship of anyone who discusses anything to do with the buzz word “vaccine,” making it near impossible to troubleshoot and connect with others to determine what modes of treatment are, or are not, working.

Overall, this situation has been devastating for the family not only physically, emotionally and mentally, but also financially. An NFT and Life Under crowdfunding campaign has been initiated to help assist the family as they navigate healing Maddie’s injury.

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  • By Tamara Ugolini

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