Suspecting federal corruption, scientist exhausts all Canadian-based options, seeks justice internationally

Scientist and researcher Dr. Phillip Oldfield questioned the government’s COVID-19 response and urged officials to launch an investigation. After his concerns fell on deaf ears, he decided to take his suspicions of high-level corruption to the International Criminal Court.

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In part one part of this two-part interview, I discussed how Dr. Phillip Oldfield came to recognize the nonsensical way all levels of government were responding to COVID-19.

During the second part of our interview, Dr. Oldfield delves into how he tried to inform various elected politicians and appointed health officials of alternative methods of treatment, but his concerns were entirely ignored and/or disregarded.

After having gone through all of the options within Canada, Oldfield began to draw his attention to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

“I’m requesting an investigation and my allegations are of corruption within the federal government, health authorities and whomever they may find out [to be relevant] as the investigation proceeds,” details Oldfield.

Oldfield’s complaint highlights the efficacy of ivermectin as an early treatment for COVID-19 and how it was “trashed by the government narrative.” He included possible long-term [vaccine] effects, alluding to the fact that there will be long-term neurological effects, increases in cancer rates, etc.

A crux of the complaint is that “there was an apartheid system being set up,” Oldfield says, no doubt referring to vaccine passports and mandates
that saw segregation of unvaccinated from nearly all parts of society for several months. “Apartheid, according to the Roman Statute of the ICC, is
a crime against humanity. Just based on that one fact, I was fairly confident that they would consider [the complaint].”

The response from the ICC was that it would not move forward with an investigation. The ICC noted that that the information submitted would be archived and a reconsideration may be granted if new facts or evidence is provided.

Oldfield then put forward An appeal to all Canadians, requesting evidence by way of their personal testimonies.

“For anyone who has suffered due to the mandates – lockdowns, vaccine mandates, job and business loss, societal effects, vaccine injuries – I want to see millions of responses so that it cannot be ignored,” Oldfield says.

Referring to the fact that the ICC appears to have kept the door open on the complaint, Oldfield speculates that failure to do so would be very embarrassing for the ICC, shall history not look kindly on the COVID response.

“If they get millions of responses, the onus will be on them. Either they will contact the Canadian government and say ‘look, clean your own mess,’ or they would investigate themselves.”

Oldfield encourages those in government and at Health Canada to reflect on their own conscience.

“There are people in Health Canada who know what the true science is; who have been coerced into doing things that they knew was wrong,” Oldfield proclaims, compelling them to write to the ICC to “get their evidence as to how they have been manipulated by their boss to actually do the wrong thing.”

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  • By David Menzies

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