Pierre Poilievre addresses the Conservative caucus | C-21, economy, natural gas, more

Pierre Poilievre touches on Bill C-21, gatekeepers, natural resources, and the economy as he addresses his Conservative caucus.

Pierre Poilievre addresses the Conservative caucus | C-21, economy, natural gas, more
The Canadian Press / Sean Kilpatrick
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The newly-elected Conservative Party of Canada leader Pierre Poilievre, who is also the member of Parliament for the riding of Carleton, gave a speech to his caucus this morning on Parliament Hill. 

Poilievre addressed multiple issues, from the incredibly high inflation rate Canadians are currently enduring, to the "gatekeepers" that notably prevent immigrant nurses and doctors from easily accessing jobs they are qualified for. He gave a bilingual address, which means that the caucus heard the message twice in both official languages. 

Justin Trudeau's gun-control Bill C-21 was discussed by the leader of his Majesty's Official Opposition, reaffirming his view that the piece of legislature, instead of targeting criminals, targets law-abiding firearm owners, hunters, and Indigenous people. 

"We know that it's not Grandpa Joe's hunting rifle in Cape Breton or in Wayne Right that is committing crimes in Downtown Toronto," said Poilievre, when introducing the topic. "We know that the vast majority of guns used in crimes are illegally smuggled into this country."

"82% of gun crime is smuggled guns."

Poilievre then added that "none of that is going to be solved by banning these hunting rifles and not a single solitary criminal is going to turn in their gun so instead of putting time, money, and resources into attacking Indigenous people, hunters and farmers, Conservatives will protect those people's rights and go after the real criminals to keep Canadians safe."

Poilievre touched on the issue of "removing the bureaucratic gatekeepers" right after, in relation to immigrant workers' access to jobs in Canada. 

He stated that a Poilievre government would remove these "gatekeepers" and allow immigrants to access jobs they are qualified for more easily. 

"We're removing the bureaucratic gatekeepers that prevent us from developing our resources [and] having our immigrants fill vital positions for which they are qualified for," he said. 

Poilievre cited a study that was published recently, one that stated only 40% of qualified doctors and nurses who immigrated to Canada are able to access a position in their field. "Meanwhile, our healthcare system comes apart," he added. 

"It boils my blood to sit in a waiting room with my daughter who's got a migraine headache, while she waits and waits so long with the other children because of doctor shortages," Poilievre said. 

Poilievre also touched on natural resources encouraging the production of natural resources directly from Canada, instead of buying, for example, oil and gas from Qatar. 

He ended his address to the caucus by mentioning what he hopes the Conservative MPs will do over the Christmas break. "Our job is always to stand on the side of the common people, their paycheques, their savings their homes, their country," he said. 

"My parents taught me after they adopted me [that] it didn't matter where I came from, it mattered where I was going, it didn't matter who I knew, but what I can do, and that's the country I want our kids to inherit, it is the country we are going to restore."

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