Pierre Poilievre agrees: Let’s make female safe spaces safe again!

'Female spaces should be exclusively for females, not for biological males,' Poilievre emphasized.

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At a Wednesday press conference in Kitchener, Ont., Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre said that he agrees with the idea of banning so-called “transgender women” from participating in female sports, women’s shelters, and female penitentiaries.

As well, he agreed that only real women and girls should access female change rooms and bathrooms, although he stated that the federal government is limited in terms of what it can do in terms of introducing legislation.

Poilievre was responding to the following question posed by Rebel News:

For the last few years, our news organization has been covering what can only be described as a war on women.

Biological males are pretending to be females and these men are invading female safe spaces. This includes female sports ranging from volleyball to rugby As well, men pretending to be women are gaining access to female shelters and even female prisons.

This has collectively led to real women — and girls — being emotionally abused, physically injured, and even sexually assaulted.

Question: should you form the next federal government, will you make female safe spaces safe again by introducing legislation that bans so-called transgender women from participating in female sports and getting admittance into female shelters and female prisons?

Poilievre responded, “Female spaces should be exclusively for females, not for biological males.”

However, he noted that many gender-related spaces are either provincially or municipally regulated and cannot be legislated by the federal government.

As such, he said “it is unclear” what a future Conservative federal government could do in this file.

He added, “But obviously, female sports, female change rooms, female bathrooms should be for females — not for biological males.”

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  • By David Menzies


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