Pierre Poilievre promises to ban his cabinet ministers from the World Economic Forum if elected PM

The Conservative leadership race's frontrunner hosted his 78th meet and greet since March in Vancouver, ahead of the race's conclusion on September 10.

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This Monday, hundreds of people gathered at Vancouver’s Italian Cultural Centre to hear from CPC leadership hopeful MP Pierre Poilievre. The event was the 78th meet and greet Poilievre has attended on the campaign trail since March, and the last large event the MP has planned before the race comes to its end on September 10.

“We sowed 311,959 seeds — that’s the number of memberships we sold,” said Poilievre, who has been projected to win the leadership race. During his speech, he touched on some of his usual campaign promises, including making postsecondary schools that receive government funding commit to upholding freedom of speech and expression, and having a government that stands for freedom of medical and religious choice. Poilievre also discussed growing the economy by way of transporting our natural gas to China and Europe while putting an end to Canada’s reliance on what he referred to as “dictator oil imports.”

As shown by their roaring applause, the crowd of Poilievre supporters seemed most excited about the MP’s promises to defund the CBC and ban MPs in his Cabinet from being affiliated with the United Nations’ sister company, the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Watch this video report to hear from Poilievre himself, and find out whether or not those who came to hear from him believe he’s a man of his word. Does he have what it takes to not only win the CPC leadership race, but to also triumph over Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the next federal election? For reports you can trust on Canadian leadership races, head to LeadershipReports.ca. You can also donate there to help us cover the cost of bringing you such coverage.

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