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P&O Ferries sack staff, plans to replace workers with cheap foreign labour

After firing 800 workers, P&O is apparently planning to replace at least a portion of their staff with foreign labour costing £1.81 per hour.

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P&O cruises made headlines recently when the company unfairly sacked 800 of their British workers via a Zoom call.

In this report, you witness the address to workers via a video call in a scripted announcement where a company boss said the business had lost around £100m per year over the last two years and had to make cuts to redundancies.

Upon further investigation, the union has stated that they plan to rehire staff, some from Indian seafarers on £1.81 per hour, essentially replacing British workers for cheap foreign labour, welcome to global Britain.

Both sides of Parliament have come out to condemn P&O, and unions have called this act a “scandalous betrayal.”

The government, meanwhile, has threatened to criminally prosecute P&O, with the threat of imposing “unlimited fines” on P&O if the company is found to have broken U.K. labour laws.

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