Police on camera issue COVID ticket for joining anti-lockdown protest in Alberta

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Wilf Massey and his wife Cindy are a severely normal couple from Red Deer, Alberta.

Yet they have been thrust into a fight for freedom and constitutional rights after the Alberta government and the municipality of Red Deer have used the coronavirus pandemic to crack down on their civil liberties.

Wilf was ticketed for what seems to be standing on the street in a number fewer than ten people on his way to a protest against the pandemic lockdown. Police officers showed up at his home over a week later and handed him a ticket for $1,200.

Wilf and Cindy invited me into their home to discuss why they won't stop protesting until the lockdown is over, no matter how many fines they get.

If you've received a coronavirus pandemic ticket for doing something that was completely legal ten months ago — like protesting or visiting your family — don't pay it! Fight it.

Plead not guilty and send that ticket to FightTheFines.com.

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