“Politicians should be ashamed” for response to church burnings, vandalism

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At last count, more than 50 churches in Canada have been burnt to the ground or vandalized. Little wonder that hundreds of people gathered at Celebration Square in Mississauga, Ont. last Saturday to take part in a rally called Stop the Burning of the Churches in Canada.

You would think that condemning arson and vandalism against places of worship would be a no-brainer; but alas, the silence has been deafening from our so-called leaders. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refuses to weigh in on this issue. Also tongue-tied are Public Safety Minister Bill Blair and RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki. As for Trudeau’s best pal, Gerald Butts, he “understands” the passion for the destruction.


As for the mainstream media, these ongoing atrocities always fail to make the front page (if they get covered at all, that is). It is a miracle no one has died during these acts of terrorism.

And yet, one must ponder: would there be a different reaction if these places of worship were mosques or synagogues or temples? We suspect that if these grotesque attacks were carried out on these institutions, a royal commission would already have been struck by now.

The unspoken “justification” for these attacks is the disturbing news that is emerging regarding unmarked graves of First Nations children who attended residential schools decades ago. This is an atrocity, too, but how do two wrongs make a right? How does burning down a church on First Nations land that was used by the community for everything from weddings to funerals help matters in the here and now?

One of the keynote speakers at Saturday’s rally was Raheel Raza, who lamented that this ongoing desecration of churches is exactly the sort of policy ISIS and Taliban thugs take part in. (Raheel is also the chairman of the Rebel News advisory board.) The disturbing thing is that this is not occurring overseas, but in Canada in 2021.

Conspicuous due to their absence at the rally were the politicians. Neither Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie nor the MP and MPP for the region could be bothered to show up. Indeed, not a single elected leader was in attendance to condemn the ongoing atrocities against Christian churches. How shocking, how cowardly is that?

Indeed, if you are as outraged about this as we are, please sign our petition at www.SaveOurChurches.com. Regardless of your religious background, let’s let our elected leaders know that these acts of hate and terror against places of faith must not be ignored or even normalized.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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