Pre-arrest: Pastor Artur Pawlowski talks attacks against church, police enforcement

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Rebel News was on location this past Saturday to cover Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s worship services, which proceeded despite restrictions implemented by provincial authorities.

Pastor Artur, out of consideration for the other users of the property and in collaboration with its owner, had decided to move worship outside to allow for social distancing, as had happened the week prior, in an attempt to bring the facility in line with the measures stipulated in an Alberta Health Services work order.

However, the cold and rain eventually drove people inside, despite the intention to host worship outside.

Unlike the previous Saturday, at first there was little police presence on the scene.

Two officers approached and spoke with a few people who were in attendance before returning to their vehicles.

Not long after this brief exchange with officers, a large police force descended on the scene, seemingly attempting to move in for the arrest of Pastor Artur.

They were quickly ejected by the congregation, who in unison chanted “get out” repeatedly. The officers returned to their vehicles and drove off, parking just out of sight. For the time being, it seemed they were backing off, but most suspected they might return in force at any point.

In what would normally be a headline — but considering all the madness of the weekend, is now only a subplot — at some point during services, someone spread nails throughout the church parking lot.

Police seemed disinterested in investigating the matter when it was brought to their attention.

This likely hate crime is only the latest in a series of affronts against the church, including numerous instances of vandalism and perhaps most disturbingly, the church parking lot being filled with large amounts of dog feces.

When worship concluded and Pastor Artur left for home, many breathed a sigh of relief that for the week at least, their pastor would remain free, but that relief was short-lived as news of Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s harrowing roadside arrest broke mere hours after worship had concluded.

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  • By Adam Soos

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