Prince Charles calls on Morrison to attend climate summit

Meanwhile, the Crown and Treasury are set to earn £9 billion from offshore wind farms by 2030.

Prince Charles calls on Morrison to attend climate summit
Prince Charles calls on Morrison to attend climate summit
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Prince Charles has called on Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to attend the United Nations COP26 climate summit in Glasgow.

When asked what he would say to countries like Australia that seem ‘reluctant’ to take on board ‘really serious action on climate change’, Prince Charles replied, “You gently try to suggest that there be other ways of doing things – otherwise you lot [the BBC] accuse me of interfering.”



Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has publicly backed ‘net zero 2050’ in late September – a radical climate change initiative that would see the effective end of coal-fired power in Australia and a range of green taxes implemented against the agricultural industry.


This is a last chance saloon, literally. If we don’t really take the decisions that are vital now, it’s going to be almost impossible to catch up,” added Prince Charles.


COP26 UN climate conference with over 100 world leaders and representatives expected to be in attendance, including the Queen and the Pope.

Morrison has not yet announced if he will be in attendance due to Australia’s difficult quarantine restrictions.

Foreign Minister Marise Payne has insisted that Australia will not be a ‘no-show’ at the event, with discussions underway regarding who will represent Morrison if he is unable to attend.


"It is a significant undertaking, as you know it involves the two-week domestic quarantine as well, so no final decisions have been made," said Payne.


Unlike most countries that sign up to UN and other international climate agreements, Australia has been meeting its promises. Australia surpassed its Kyoto emissions reduction target in 2020, while the world’s largest polluter – China – has no intention of lowering its emissions for decades and continues to build hundreds of coal-fired power stations.

It is expected that world leaders and high level representatives will by flying to COP26 via specially chartered private jets to discuss policies to reduce the air travel of ordinary citizens.

Prince Charles and the Royal Family have considerable financial holdings in Renewables technology, including offshore wind farms set up in Crown waters surrounding the United Kingdom.

According to the Guardian, the Queen’s property manager and the Treasury can expect around £9 billion in profit from selling seabed plots to energy companies for offshore wind farms in the next 10 years. The extensive portfolio already rakes in hundreds of billions of pounds every year from renewable energy projects.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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