PEI predicted up to 900 COVID-19 deaths. No one died. But they're still locked down

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If there’s not a single person in Prince Edward Island with the coronavirus, why are they still on lockdown?

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, we looked at PEI's public health predictions for COVID-19, where their worst case scenario showed as many as 900 deaths and 14,000 hospitalizations.

But no one died. Only 27 people got the cough, and they're all better now.

There's a ban on outsiders visiting the Island, by which they mean fellow Canadians from other provinces, but they're still banning indoor gatherings of 15 people or more.


Because some professor said so? Because some bureaucrat said so? Because some pundit said so?

The monster under the bed was never there, but now PEI has an army of bureaucrats checking how loud the music is in restaurants; bringing a tape measure to bars; going to churches to threaten people.

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