UPDATE: Liberals approve list of companies to bid on gov't buyback of 1,500 prohibited firearms

UPDATE: Liberals approve list of companies to bid on gov't buyback of 1,500 prohibited firearms
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UPDATE: Public Safety Canada has released their list of official Supply Arrangement Holders for designing the Trudeau Liberal's “compensation model” for buying back recently prohibited firearms.

Earlier this year, Justin Trudeau and Public Safety minister Bill Blair banned approximately 1,500 firearm models in the wake of the Nova Scotia massacre.

The Notice of Proposed Procurement posted today, November 3, replaces the Notice described in our original August 13 article: This “solicitation cancels and supersedes previous solicitation number 202101502 dated August 8, 2020, due on September 9, 2020.”

According to the Notice posted on the Government's procurement website, the following groups have been invited to submit a proposal for the program:

  1. ACF Associates Inc.
  2. Adirondack Information Management Inc., The AIM Group Inc. in Joint Venture
  3. AECOM Canada Ltd.
  4. Babcock Canada Inc.
  6. CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants Inc.
  7. Colliers Project Leaders Inc.
  8. Ernst & Young LLP
  9. IBM Canada Limited/IBM Canada Limitée
  10. Lansdowne Technologies Inc.
  11. NIVA Inc
  12. Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP
  13. Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton Consulting Inc.
  14. Sierra Systems Group Inc.
  15. Tiree Facility Solutions Inc.

The winner contractor must provide, by early February of next year:

  • Identification of a proposed compensation structure for each affected firearm;
  • Analysis of benefits and risks associated with each compensation model; and
  • Identification of other considerations that may impact the feasibility of each approach and/or model.

“Uninvited” Supply Arrangement Holders have until five business days (i.e., today) before the closing date of November 10 to request an invitation to the submissions process.

(August 13, 2020) Justin Trudeau's massive government gun grab is in the hands of 15 consulting firms, who've been asked by Public Safety Canada to propose “range of options and approaches” to compensate gun owning Canadians.

In May of this year, Trudeau and Public Safety Minister Bill Blair announced the banning of 1,500 firearms.

As reported by the Canadian Press:

The federal government is turning to the private sector to design and run a massive buyback of newly prohibited firearms.

Public Safety Canada has invited 15 consulting firms to come up with a “range of options and approaches” for the planned program to compensate gun owners.

While the gun ban was instituted in part as a response to the Nova Scotia shooting, which was committed using illegal weapons, but it doesn't go far enough for one group:

The group PolySeSouvient, a leading proponent of stricter gun control, has argued that allowing owners of recently banned firearms to keep them would make it easier for a different government to simply reverse the ban in future.

About 2.2 million men and women have a gun-ownership permit in Canada — more than play golf or hockey — and possess between 15 and 20 million guns.

To sign our petition to keep Justin Trudeau and Bill Blair away from our guns, please visit HandsOffOurGuns.ca.

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