Pro-peace is an unpopular position in 2023: Maxime Bernier

Despite it being an unpopular position, the People's Party of Canada leader tells Ezra Levant that leaders should be seeking to bring a peaceful resolution to the Russia-Ukraine war.

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With Russia's invasion of Ukraine now entering its second year, countries in the West are still continuing to support Ukraine's resistance with a blank cheque.

In Canada, federal politicians are largely united in supporting President Volodymyr Zelensky and Ukraine. But this is something of a change from even the recent past, when Canada rejected being drawn into supporting wars in Iraq and Libya.

So what changed?

People's Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier joined last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show to provide analysis as to why he seems to be the loudest voice of dissent on this issue.

When Ezra asked why Bernier thought the House of Commons was able to find so much common ground on this issue, the PPC leader said:

I believe that they are pro-war, the Green and the NDP and Liberals and Conservative because of the propaganda machine. I believe that the legacy media were very good to, 100% pro-Ukraine, and so if you're a member of Parliament in the Opposition, you want to be with the majority.

And still today, a majority of Canadians are OK with that war. So they're not able to have the other point of view in front of them, so that's why you have a huge majority that are for that war and for the participation of our country in that war. And these politicians don't have any conviction and they're following the majority of the population.

But you know, if you're a leader you must lead, and you must have strong ideas and try to present these ideas to Canadians, and that is what we [the PPC] are doing.

You know, it's not popular — that position about being pro-peace and prosperity and for a diplomatic solution — that solution is not popular.

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