Prosecutor tries to slap Coutts blockade supporter with punishing release conditions

Last week, an RCMP tactical team was sent after a Coutts blockade supporter for allegedly trying to take down a fence. Then the Crown tried to throw him in prison for talking to his best friend.

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Alex is one of thousands of Albertans who showed up for the Coutts Blockade, a peaceful protest which forced the lifting of COVID mandates in Alberta, and acted as catalyst for Premier Jason Kenney's stepping down as the UCP leader.

He received a minor warrant for allegedly trying to take down a fence, this came after the events of GraceLife Church which saw pastor James Coates spend over a month behind bars and the church itself was fenced off entirely to prevent congregants from attending services. When he heard about what was going on at GraceLife Church, he decided that he wanted to go and hear the pastor speak.

Some people attempted to take the fence down and then other people put the fence back up assisting the RCMP officers on site. After this incident Alex was charged with mischief under $5,000 and obstructing a police officer.

It's been a long time since that GraceLife Church incident, and recently the RCMP decided it was time to send a tactical team after Alex for allegedly momentarily taking down of a fence. After speaking with those in charge, he willfully submitted himself to the RCMP Fort Macleod detachment later that day to sign conditions of release. Because he was involved in the Coutts blockade however, the Crown attempted to force Alex into a no-communication condition with others at the blockade, including a lifelong friend of his.

Alex refused to sign the condition, but instead of being sent to Lethbridge Remand, Alex was released to a growing peaceful protest outside the small Fort Macleod RCMP detachment.

In contrast with what the officer said, I have yet to see any updates from the RCMP.

It would have been nice to know why the Crown decided to change their mind, remove the condition, and release Alex, so I followed up with his legal counsel supported by The Democracy Fund.

And it was told to me that:

“Alex got released because he signed his appearance and promise to appear notices”.

As for why the condition was removed?

“It is most likely because they were convinced by counsel that it was unreasonable.”

As a last note, I can't tell you exactly why Alex was released without signing conditions, but he made sure to mention his thanks to the supportive crowd outside the RCMP detachment, saying if not for them, he would be in Lethbridge Remand.

Like many, The Democracy Fund is helping him fight blockade tickets via Donations qualify for a charitable receipt, crowdfunded through your support, and his lawyers have been fighting tooth and nail since the beginnings of the blockade for those who put it all on the line to peacefully protest vaccine mandates.

UPDATE: Rebel News is crowdfunding the legal defence for Alex Van Herk and George Janzen.

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