Prospective pilot fined more than $12,000 for refusing COVID hotel, PCR test

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In this interview I’m bringing you the story of Nicholas Luis. He’s one of our most recent Fight The Fines cases. Not only is Nick being fined outrageous amounts by his own government for travelling abroad, he is also out of a job and thousands of dollars worth of schooling.

Nick was originally training to obtain his commercial pilot’s license, but due to travel restrictions that have resulted in the decimation of the aviation industry in Canada, he has no idea if, or when, his training will resume.

Nick’s girlfriend is originally from Brazil, but due to government restrictions, they were originally unable to get back to her home country. Unfortunately, one of her family members became terminally ill, so they decided it was time to make the trek back to Brazil — where she remains.

When Nick was preparing for his return back to Canada, he realized there was an onslaught of new regulations and hoops he’d have to jump through just to get back to his home country. We discussed the added costs, time and hassle he had to endure trying to get back to Canada and the treatment he received from the sanitary regime upon arrival, the rules and regulations of which appear nonsensical and obtuse.

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