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Protesters gather outside Australian embassy in Vancouver to march for freedom down under

Around 100 people gathered outside the Australian Embassy office in Vancouver to protest and march for freedom in Australia.

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If you’re looking for a protest to attend for the first time Vancouver is the city to be in.

Nearly every weekend, you can find multiple rallies to attend in the coastal seaport city — often ones that defend the rights of citizens living outside of Canada, such as the Muslim Uighurs suffering genocide in communist China or the reports of genocide occurring in Ethiopia.

But last Saturday, a new country became worthy of a public cry for help from Canadians: Australia.

After a poster from a group called Reignite Democracy sent out an S.O.S from Australia on social media, around 100 people gathered outside the Australian Embassy office in Vancouver, to protest and march for freedom in Australia.

My colleague Avi Yemeni done a great job capturing the rise of medical tyranny, including the passing of the new Section 8A pandemic bill which give Premier Daniel Andrews dictator-like powers.

Watch to hear from the protesters who gathered in Vancouver to defend freedoms in Australia. And if you haven’t already joined our legal fight, in partnership with The Democracy Fund, to end medical tyranny in Canada, please donate what you can at

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