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Public health regulations are not “the law!” United We Roll founder Glen Carritt

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On the latest episode of The Gunn Show, United We Roll founder Glen Carritt joined Sheila Gunn Reid to discuss the restrictions on civil liberties in Alberta, his campaign for mayor and why the province keeps moving the goalposts to end the lockdown.

Here's a bit of what Glen had to say:

“...this is wrong. What people need to realize is that this is not the law. These are health regulations... laws have to go in front of legislature, and yes... we voted Jason Kenney in, and whether you like what he's doing or not, he is our elected official. But they shouldn't have the right to enforce these laws on us. We still need to have freedom.

“As a business owner, as a fellow business owner -- you know I need to have my freedom to run my business as I wish. If you don't want to come into my business and you don't feel safe, then that's totally up to you. But we need the freedoms in our country to be able to open our businesses and run our businesses as we decide fit.”

This is just an excerpt from the full Gunn Show.

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