Quarantine rule change nets university basketball player $3,755 fine

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Roy Anku is a star basketball player for Ontario Tech University in Oshawa, Ontario.

After heading to Alabama for a basketball trip (since he can't play in Canada currently), Roy called ahead to Health Canada, after a friend told him those under 22 years of age did not have to do the government-mandated hotel quarantine. The operator confirmed this to Roy, so he booked his flight home.

Upon arrival, Health Canada informed Roy that the rules had been changed weeks prior, despite him making the phone call just four days before his trip.

Roy tells Rebel News that personnel at the airport told him he would have to stay in a quarantine hotel. When he informed them that he had no money to pay for a hotel stay, they told him to provide a credit card. When he responded that he didn't have a credit card, he was told “go find one.”

Obviously, as a 21-year-old student, Roy couldn't produce a line of credit out of thin air. Thus he was fined a whopping $3,755 under the Quarantine Act for “Failure to comply with an order prohibiting or subjecting to any condition the entry to into [sic] Canada.”

Please consider donating to help Canadians who have received unjust lockdown fines by going to www.FightTheFines.com, where you can receive a charitable tax receipt for your contribution.

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