Quebec immunology professor suspended for criticizing COVID vaccines for kids

Patrick Provost has been suspended from Université Laval for two months after questioning the use of mRNA vaccines for children.

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Censorship is essentially closing in on us, the internet, and experts in all fields who dare to advance a narrative that contradicts that of the government. Those who have this courage come up against heavy penalties. This was the case of Doctor René Lavigueur, a family doctor who wrote an article in the newspaper La Presse that in less than 24 hours was withdrawn by the media. For those who have not seen this previous Rebel News report, you can see it here.

Patrick Provost, RNA expert, professor and researcher at Université Laval, was recently suspended by the university for eight weeks because of his opinions, which were released last December, on RNA vaccination of children. On June 22, TVA Nouvelles and Le Journal de Québec published an article by Mr. Provost, which was once again censored and withdrawn. Here is our interview with Patrick Provost.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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