Queensland passes laws allowing gender change on birth certificates without surgery

Transgender people in Queensland will no longer require sexual reassignment surgery to change their sex on birth certificates, as new laws are passed amid a rowdy parliamentary session.

Queensland passes laws allowing gender change on birth certificates without surgery
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Queensland has enacted controversial laws that eliminate the need for sexual reassignment surgery when changing the sex designation on birth certificates.

The legislation also grants children aged 12 to 16 the ability to seek court approval for a sex change, even without parental support. However, before any change can occur, these children must undergo an assessment by a qualified practitioner who maintains a professional relationship with them.

The passage of these landmark laws drew attention from a diverse audience, with the public gallery brimming with LGBTQIA+ activists. However, the proceedings were not without disruption, as a protester was ejected from the gallery after causing a commotion during Wednesday evening's session.

Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath emphasised the significance of the bill, highlighting that it enables every Queenslander to have their legal identity aligned with their "lived identity".

D’Ath also pointed out that the legislation recognises the existence of same-sex and gender-diverse parents, acknowledging that a child may have multiple mothers and fathers.

The change faced opposition from the Opposition, Katter’s Australian Party, and Independent Member for Noosa, Sandy Bolton. Bolton expressed concerns about the short consultation periods and the lack of community education.

She also argued that the government should have explored alternative options, such as gradually phasing out the inclusion of sex or gender on birth certificates altogether.

Equality Australia operations manager and trans woman Ymania Brown hailed the passing of these laws as a life-changing moment. Brown emphasised that while birth certificates may be seen as mere pieces of paper by many, they represent the "right to exist" for transgender and gender-diverse individuals.


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  • By Avi Yemini

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