RAW: RCMP interrogation of Coutts protester Anthony Olienick

The full-length interrogation of Anthony Olienick by RCMP was made available to the public as part of the ongoing Coutts trial.

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During the winter of 2022, a protest movement formed against Canada's continued enforcement of COVID-19 restrictions. Spurred by truckers opposing a cross-border vaccine mandate, the Freedom Convoy saw Canadians from across the country converge in Ottawa in protest of these so-called public health measures.

But not every protester went to Ottawa; in Alberta, many took to the province's border crossing with the United States in the small town of Coutts. Alongside the convoy in Ottawa, protesters at Coutts also demanded an end to government edicts and mandates in response to the virus.

A standoff at the border between protesters and police ensued, in what came to be known as the Coutts Border Blockade.

The demonstration came to an end when RCMP officers laid serious charges — conspiring to murder police officers — against four of the men involved. Two of those men, Christopher Lysak and Jerry Morin, agreed to plea deals on lesser charges and were released earlier this year.

The two remaining men, Chris Carbert and Anthony Olienick, remained behind bars and are now facing a trial. As part of the evidence presented during the trial, the entire, more than five-hour long RCMP interrogation of Anthony Olienick was entered into evidence.

To see all of Rebel News' coverage of the ongoing trial, visit TruckerTrial.ca.

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