REACTION: $61M media bailout recipients revealed (everyone's on the take)

It's not quite 100 per cent of Canadian media outlets taking handouts from Justin Trudeau's government, but it sure seems like it. David Menzies and Andrew Chapados react.

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Now that it's finally been revealed which media companies were recipients of Justin Trudeau's pre-election $61-million bailout, it turns out that, wouldn't you know it, everyone is on the take. OK, not exactly every single media outlet in the country, but a huge number of them.

Building on Ezra Levant's release of the information, Rebel News DAILY Livestream hosts David Menzies and Andrew Chapados went through the large list of companies, saying how much each is taking, and how strange it was that this information was hidden from Canadians.

David Menzies was absolutely tired of seeing the Government of Canada handing out hard-earned tax dollars to failing companies, saying:

If you can't make it, you go out of business. It's not the government's role — and indirectly the taxpayers role, or I should say, directly the taxpayers role — to prop up dead dogs. But that is the model here. Bombardier is the king of the castle when it comes to [corporate welfare in Canada]. And now we have these little schleppers getting like $5,000 here, $6,000 there. It's the same flawed business model.

I'm so sorry, if you can't make it, you've got to go out of business. You're not entitled to your entitlements.

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