REACTIONS: A medical doctor in need of some mental assistance

Andrew Chapados, Mocha Bezirgan and Syd Fizzard share their reactions to a doctor who was debating the merits of the public continuing to wear masks.

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The debate surrounding COVID-19 rules and restrictions has been contentious, to say the least. In something of a surprising development, TVO host Steve Paikin featured a panel of medical professionals discussing the measures from both sides.

But the debate gained viral traction not for the depth of discussion, but rather the seemingly unhinged nature of one of its participants, Nili Kaplan-Myrth.

On yesterday's Rebel News DAILY Livestream, hosts Andrew Chapados, Mocha Bezirgan and Syd Fizzard shared their reactions to Kaplan-Myrth's remarks during the discussion, with Syd perhaps summing the situation up most concisely:

[S]he might be a medical doctor but she is in need of some mental assistance, I would say.

While Syd's remark might seem a little harsh on the surface, Kaplan-Myrth appears to struggle with consistently adhering to her own stringent mask beliefs. As True North's Andrew Lawton points out, this doctor was perfectly fine going maskless in her office during TV interview before.

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