Rebel Down Under: Fighting for free speech in Australia & New Zealand

Ezra Levant looks at what he's learned during his visit to the Land Down Under in support of Avi Yemini's book tour.

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This week, Ezra Levant has been visiting the Land Down Under, touring New Zealand and Australia alongside Rebel News' Australia correspondent, Avi Yemini.

The pair have been promoting Avi's new book, A Rebel From The Start, with a stop touching down in New Zealand after Avi was previously denied entry to the country. 

Last night on The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra explained what compelled him to take the trip from Canada to Australia and New Zealand and discussed an interesting person he met while there.

On why he travelled to the other side of the world, Ezra said:

Although I was coming in personal solidarity with Avi...I also wanted to see a little bit about what New Zealand was like. Like you I'm sure, I've been fascinated by it. It's a political oddity sometimes. It's a small country, only about  5 million people. In some ways, it's a laboratory of political ideas. There was a point in time it was held up as the free market, low taxes, low debt exemplar.

On Brian Tamaki, a Maori religious leader in New Zealand who also heads the Freedoms New Zealand party, and who played host to Avi Yemini's book tour after a venue caved to cancel culture:

He's an incredible man... He's also the leader of this political movement. And he's deeply involved with Maori men because Maori men are disproportionately represented in the criminal justice system and in gangs. He works to bring those men out of the darkness and into the light, to give them a Christian belief system instead of say, finding that community in a gang.

What's so fascinating is how he himself and his organization really provides a lot of the social services in that way to Maoris and others in New Zealand. 

He was an amazing man [to meet], and a charismatic man. I have to say, maybe I'm easily bowled, but just being in his presence I could see why he inspires so many New Zealanders, especially Maoris.

The police, politicians and prosecutors hate him for the same reason that they cracked down on Christian pastors who defied them during the lockdown.

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