Rebel in London: Investigating the UK lockdown

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I am currently in the process of wrapping up my five-day rapid quarantine here in London, England. I made the trip to the United Kingdom with the purpose of showing you what life is like right now in other parts of the world. Not only that, but we are also showcasing the U.K.'s civil liberties battles through our campaign at Fight The Fines UK.

Although I am still trapped in my hotel room, it’s already evident to me that life has largely returned to normal in the U.K. Just outside my window, I can see flocks of people coming in and out of beautiful Hyde Park. There is a patio directly across the street from me which is packed every night, with some customers entering and exiting without wearing masks.

The main reason I came here was to show Rebel News viewers what life is really like right now in the United Kingdom. The things that the mainstream media do not want you to see.

Unlike the mainstream media, we don't receive a cent of government funding, and a trip like this comes with a lot of expenses including accommodations, travel costs around the U.K., food and my economy airfare to and from the U.K. With your help, I can continue showing you guys the other side of the story. Make sure to visit where you can make a donation to support our reporting.

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  • By Rebel News

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