Rebel News violently expelled from Steven Guilbault’s press conference

Cameraman Guillaume Roy was violently pushed out of the building by a man identifying himself as the owner, and reporter Alexa Lavoie was expelled by two undercover Montreal police officers.

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On February 9th, a press conference on housing affordability was held by Steven Guilbault along with the mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante. Valérie Plante has recently been embroiled in controversy since information was released indicating that since 2017, her administration has blocked the construction of more than 24,000 apartment units, while Montrealers, like the rest of Canada, are experiencing a housing crisis.

Why did Plante's administration block all those construction projects? Will the Liberals reduce immigration to alleviate the housing situation? These are the kinds of questions that Alexa Lavoie, along with her cameraman Guillaume Roy, intended to ask.

Upon arrival, the situation escalated quickly after employees learned that Rebel News was on the ground. Guillaume was violently pushed out of the building by a man identifying himself as the owner, and Alexa was expelled by two undercover Montreal police officers.

Not only were they undercover, without their uniforms, but the two police officers had no badges and never identified themselves despite requests. The building where the conference was taking place is called Maison Shelley, part of the non-profit organization called Maison St-Dominique. This organization, subsidized by the government of Canada, the province of Quebec, and the city of Montreal, provides affordable long-term housing, as well as psychosocial support, to economically disadvantaged adults living with mental health issues.

This taxpayer-funded building was home to bureaucrats and police officers who could chase out independent journalists who were just trying to do their jobs and ask questions. On the ground, another man was present, yelling at Valérie Plante and Steven Guilbault through the window about the genocide in Gaza. All this disturbance pushed them to relocate the press conference to another room in the building.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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