Rebel reporter FINED for reporting on Hamilton Freedom Rally

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Once again I visited the weekly Freedom Rally out at Hamilton, Ontario’s city hall. This was the 26th week of continuous protest against Premier Doug Ford’s inhumane lockdown restrictions.

As in other weeks, protesting lockdown restrictions is illegal. Participants could be targeted with the minimum $880 COVID fine or a court summons, where if found guilty, you could be fined $10,000 or all the way up to $100,000.

Simply for protesting! What a joke.

New developments this week, however — I myself was fined!

For reporting the other side of the story, the one that the corporate media will never share with you, I was handed an $880 fine.

Not only that, I was verbally harassed out of Hamilton’s city hall.

This is pathetic and unjust, but municipal officers Matthew Huber (he/him) and Lee Rynar wouldn’t answer my questions as to why they think this is acceptable in a free country. State agents don’t like it when you question them publicly.

As always, I went live again on our Instagram (@news.rebel) to give you breaking news as it happens, and to ensure my own safety. Hamilton police in the past have been violent against those who question their authority. One of the protestors here captured Hamilton police putting a bystander in a choke hold, simply for watching the freedom protestors getting arrested.

If you, like me, are incensed after seeing this and want to help, head over to

This is our largest civil liberties campaign fighting back against these unjust fines. With your support, we crowdfund lawyers for those who have been ticketed. Now we have the help of a registered charity, so your donation will even provide you with a charitable tax receipt.

That way Justin Trudeau doesn’t take his part.

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