Recent Trudeau hire reveals an election could be coming soon

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The next federal election appears to be upon us. A new hire, or rather re-hire, by Trudeau is my confirmation that a campaign is right around the corner.

The Trudeaus’ nanny is back on the payroll, which means the Liberals are taking their secret weapon out of storage. They are dusting off Sophie, the 'reclusive unless campaigning or getting freebies' wife of the prime minister. Mrs. Trudeau has scarcely been seen in public since March 2020, when she brought COVID home from a WE Charity event in London, England as the world was locking down to stop the spread of the virus.

A recent Order in Council re-hired the family nanny, Sarah Clarke, at the end of July and backdated her contract by a week. Clarke was previously released from her contract in a rare, frugal move by the PM and his family during the pandemic — though responsible management of the public purse may not have been the motive, but rather COVID isolation measures, wherein Clarke could no longer see her own friends and family if still caring for the Trudeau brood.

The nanny, or should we say nannies, have been a point of controversy for the Trudeau family. In 2016, news broke that taxpayers were footing the bill for not one, but two nannies for the three Trudeau tots. The millionaire Trudeaus, reacting to public pressure, assumed the cost of one nanny themselves while the other one remained on the public payroll as house staff at Rideau Cottage. In stark contrast, the Harpers covered their own childcare costs — like the rest of us do.

But Clarke is back and The Lady Trudeau will be out of storage, no doubt making awkward videos about all the super-cool middle class couple things the Trudeaus do — like having two full time nannies. Doesn't everyone have a couple of those?

While the nanny salary is technically above board, it's a clear campaign expense. If the Trudeaus want another freebie, this one should come from the Liberal Party coffers as a campaign expense.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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