Recounting the response to Maui’s tragic wildfires with Rebel News reporter Alexa Lavoie

Alexa Lavoie joined The Gunn Show to discuss what she saw while reporting on the ground in Lahaina.

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On last night's episode of The Gunn Show, Rebel News reporter Alexa Lavoie joined the host Sheila Gunn Reid to break down her coverage of the wildfires that have devastated Maui. While on the ground in Lahaina, Lavoie spoke to a number of locals who were extremely frustrated with the government's response to the tragedy.

Speaking about the start of the fire, Lavoie explained, "We found out that the first brushfire that was ignited by one of the power lines that collapsed into the ground, was supposed to be 100% contained. But the thing is, instead of monitoring the fire, firefighters had another brushfire to fight, so they just all left to fight the other fire because they had a lack of employees and firefighters."

Lavoie commented on the difficulty of getting supplies to residents in the fire-ravaged town. "We know that the road was blocked for about a week, and by the way blocking that road by the authorities, blocked also the supply chain for the people."

She also said that even though FEMA and Red Cross were present, the "community did all the bigger work."

Officials are currently listing the death toll from the fires at over 100 people, though hundreds are still missing.

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