Restaurant charged after patio customer comes inside to use bathroom

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Just how bloody petty can a bylaw enforcement officer get during ongoing enforcement of the Wuhan virus “rules”?

Meet George, the general manager of Chuck’s Roadhouse in Aurora, Ont. Earlier this month, when York Region was still in the Red Zone (meaning restaurants could legally seat 10 patrons indoors), a Town of Aurora bylaw officer dropped by to see if Chuck’s Roadhouse was in compliance with the mandate.

The bylaw officer entered the restaurant and did a head count. Sure enough, the 130-seat eatery was following the rules by limiting capacity to only 10 customers. (Even though, we should point out, far more customers could be safely accommodated in such a large restaurant, but apparently, bureaucrats know better than restaurateurs when it comes to running restaurants…)

Even so, the uniformed bylaw officer stood sentinel-like in the restaurant, presumably waiting for George to welcome another patron into the eatery (which did not happen given George was following the rules).

But then, something truly inexplicable happened, and it was all caught on the restaurant’s security camera: a female patron who was sitting on the patio (which was indeed allowed under the Red Zone rules) entered the restaurant to use the washroom. And, incredibly, in the mind of this bylaw enforcement officer, she now counted as Customer #11 — meaning George was slapped with a ticket for $880!

This is outrageous! This is cruel! This is an example of pettiness that is surely second to none.

After all, George says it almost doesn’t make financial sense for him to open his doors in the first place, given all the restrictions he must put up with. For him to be nailed with a fine of almost $1,000 is beyond the pale. And unfair.

And by the way, if you are reading this Mr. Bylaw Officer, what was that female patron supposed to do when it was time to go to the loo? Urinate on the patio? Give me a break!

Also, given that the bylaw officer was hanging around the restaurant, wouldn’t that have made HIM the 11th person indoors? Gee, maybe he should’ve ticketed himself!

So it is that George is our latest Fight The Fines candidate. We are going to go to bat for George by providing him with a lawyer whose fees will be crowdfunded, so George doesn’t have to spend any money or any more time fighting this ludicrous citation.

And if you would like to help us out in this regard, please go to and make a donation. Our thanks in advance.

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