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Saving Canada by organizing politically incorrect student walkouts

Josh Alexander and Monte Walker are members of Save Canada.

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We bumped into two young Save Canada members at Ottawa’s National War Memorial last weekend during the Rolling Thunder celebration, the latest freedom rally that was vilified by government, law enforcement, and mainstream media types.

As it turns out, Josh and Monte are hoping to save our Dominion from the seemingly relentless attacks — mostly by government — on our Charter rights and freedoms. And they have borrowed a strategy from the leftists: namely, staging walkouts at schools across the country in the name of freedom.

Alas, these young men have discovered that when it comes to the left these days, “freedom” is the new F word. Which is to say, organizing a walkout of students in the name of, say, Black Lives Matter or Greta Thunberg would not only be lauded by the members of the faculty, but the teachers and principal would likely take part in such demonstrations.

Alas, such is not the case when it’s a freedom rally. Staging one of those means getting disciplined.

Yet more proof positive that, these days, kids in school are not taught how to think, but rather, what to think.

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