Rebel News marched off college campus because our 'values' don't align with men on women's teams

At least three biological males are playing on Seneca College's female volleyball team, which has only lost once this season.

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On Wednesday evening, we ventured out to Seneca College in King City, Ont., to take in a female varsity volleyball game featuring the Seneca Sting versus the George Brown Huskies.

It’s perversely ironic that Seneca is located in King City, given that some of the “kings” on campus are passing themselves off as “queens” — at least when it comes to getting on the roster of female sports teams.

Indeed, on the Seneca Sting volleyball team, there are no fewer than THREE biological males on the roster: #16 Franz Lagardas, #21 Ara Telan, and #9 Jess Garcia.

Mr. Lagardas in particular is concerning. He has injured two opposing real female players due to viciously spiking balls off their heads. What a stud…

It’s also interesting that this team has only lost one series this season. You can chalk that up to manpower — literally. 

But interestingly, when we arrived at Seneca College, the scene resembled something akin to an active shooter situation, due to the sheer number of security guards on campus. But incredibly, the beefed-up security was for us!

Indeed, even though Seneca College is a publicly-funded institution, Rebel News was deemed to be media non grata. We spoke with an individual who originally said he was a security guard but later admitted he was simply “with” the bona fide security guards. Whatever. But we appreciated his honesty as to why we were not allowed to cover the volleyball matches.

Apparently, the “values” of Rebel News do not “align” with the values of Seneca College. (Translation: we believe females should be on female sports teams, not men.) So while Seneca College is all about promoting “diversity”, this august institution has zero tolerance when it comes to accommodating a diversity of opinions…

But why is this brazen attack on female collegiate volleyball being tolerated in the first place?

We reached out to the sport’s governing bodies, Volleyball Ontario and Volleyball Canada. We sent along three specific questions:

  1. Why is this (accommodating male players on female teams) being tolerated given the inherent unfairness and the safety issue?
  2. Why doesn’t volleyball create an “open” or “other” category for these players (much like World Aquatics has done for swimmers) in order to accommodate males “identifying” as females?
  3. Does Volleyball Ontario/Volleyball Canada subscribe to the mantra of “transwomen are real women” — even if these so-called “transwomen” are biological males in every respect (male genitalia, testosterone levels, chromosomes, etc.)?

Neither organization has responded. Your tax dollars hard at work yet again, folks…

But then again, as they say in the sports world, “a W is a W.” So, whether a team wins by a blowout or default, a win is a win. And in that regard, Seneca has lost only once this season. That’s what happens when men are allowed to compete against women.

Indeed, we fully expect the Seneca Sting to win the championship this season. Alas, this victory will be a huge loss for the integrity of female sports. And so much for that age-old adage of “cheaters never prosper.”

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  • By David Menzies


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