Several ballots produced for Liberal election integrity minister's riding were misprinted

In the electoral district Beauséjour, represented by Liberal MP Dominic LeBlanc, election workers located a total of two ballot booklets, each containing a single misprinted ballot.

Several ballots produced for Liberal election integrity minister's riding were misprinted
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Ballots set to be used in the last Federal election in the ridings of Vaughan-Woodbridge and Beausejour were misprinted with an "incorrect list of candidates."

Beausejour is represented by Dominic LeBlanc, the Liberal cabinet minister tasked with maintaining election integrity.

The data about the nature and scope of the misprinting as well as the companies involved in the incorrect ballots were made available through an inquiry of the ministry of intergovernmental affairs by Saskatchewan Conservative MP Fraser Tolmie. Though the misprints were small in number, Prime Minister Trudeau had remarked previously "We have been very much focused over the past years on strengthening our democratic institutions."

"In the electoral district (ED) of Beauséjour, election workers located a total of two ballot booklets, each containing a single misprinted ballot. The misprinted ballots were found in advance polls 607 and 608, and both contained candidates for the neighbouring ED (Moncton—Riverview—Dieppe), with one candidate from that ED listed twice. Both EDs used the same printing company. One misprinted ballot was discovered during the count in advance poll 608 and was rejected.

In the ED of Vaughan—Woodbridge three ballot booklets were located, containing a combined total of 33 misprinted ballots. The central poll supervisor from advance poll 600, reported that while the back of the ballots stated the correct ED, the front listed candidates in another ED (Mississauga—Lakeshore). Six misprinted ballots were discovered during the count in advance poll 600 and each was rejected."

The inquiry asked for specific details about the nature of the misprints, however, that information was not provided.

Sherwood Printing was awarded the contract for Vaughan-Woodbridge was $9,020.59 before tax ($10,193.27, including tax).

The ballot printer for Beauséjour was Imprimerie A. Dupuis Printing. The contract for the ballot printing and printing the electors list totalled $13,783.42 before tax ($15,850.93 including tax).

Both contractors, despite the mistakes, were paid in full.

LeBlanc's mandate letter says he must “be the lead Minister for the Canada Elections Act and lead a review of measures the Government of Canada put in place to protect its electoral process from cyber threats, particularly the Critical Election Incident Public Protocol, and bring forward recommendations to further protect Canada’s electoral and democratic institutions from cyber and non-cyber interference.”

As of December 14, 2021, Elections Canada had received 9,410 complaints. The majority of them were related to accessibility; voter experience, long lines and interactions with poll workers; and voting by special ballot and other ways to vote.


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  • By Ezra Levant

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