SHAME ON SHANDRO: We rented a Calgary jumbotron truck to expose his hypocrisy

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Alberta's Minister of Health Tyler Shandro and his buddies in the United Conservative Party need to be held accountable for locking up pastors.

So we rented a jumbotron truck to spread the message. Please donate by clicking here to help us keep this campaign going!

To remind folks about his conduct — dining in the Sky Palace while dragging Christian pastors away from their families to be locked up — we rented a billboard truck to drive around Shandro's riding and remind his constituents that his targeting of pastors is a shame and a disgrace. 

Shame on Shandro. 

We hope to keep this campaign rolling for more than a few days, but these trucks don’t come cheap. (This first couple of days cost $4,500!)

Please make a donation by visiting to help us recoup the cost.

If we can raise enough we will take it to other places too — imagine driving it around the Stampede! 

If you want to see Shandro and his buddies held accountable, consider making a donation so we can get the billboard truck touring the entire province of Alberta!

Visit to chip in and help us spread this message!

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  • By Adam Soos

Shame on Shandro

$18,600.00 Raised
Goal: $20,000.00


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