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WATCH: Silence is compliance as Austria locks down unvaccinated, makes vaccines mandatory

For GB News commentator Neil Oliver, silence is compliance when it comes to Austria's decision to lock down the unvaccinated and enforce mandatory vaccines starting next year.

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GB News commentator Neil Oliver shared his thoughts on the decision Austria made to impose a lockdown on unvaccinated citizens — and shortly thereafter the vaccinated, as well — along with the country announcing a policy which makes COVID vaccines mandatory beginning next February.

Citing American author Mark Twain's quote about history not repeating, rather rhyming instead, Oliver wondered if this act, one similar to the terrible decisions made in the same part of the world during the middle of last century, was something that would finally cause the masses to rise up and be heard:

We are already being encouraged to turn a blind eye to the locking down of Austria’s unvaccinated.

Will we turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to compulsory medical procedures for her citizens? Will we remain silent while such a dark tide slides ever closer to our own shores, one country at a time.

He who remains silent is deemed to have granted his consent – or so the old tenet goes. Will we remain silent, or will we speak up loud and clear and truthfully?

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