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Silent protest held in solidarity with frontline workers against Alberta vaccine mandate

Thousands of people gathered in support of frontline workers facing termination for refusing to comply with Alberta's vaccine mandate.

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This past Sunday, a couple thousand people converged on the south lawn of the Alberta Legislature Building to protest against the forced vaccination mandate for Alberta health-care workers and first responders.

The Alberta government has mandated a proof of full vaccination policy for firefighters, police, and all health-care workers with a deadline of November 20, 2021.

On October 22, with just nine days left before time ran out on the prior October 31 deadline, the date was moved.

According to Alberta Health Services data, 1,400 health-care workers have applied for religious or medical exemptions to the jab or job policy.

Each exemption will be examined for validity prior to the new deadline; however, the nature of the inquisition into one's deeply-held religious belief is unclear.

AHS says 61 employees have resigned, including 31 workers serving in clinical roles. Those numbers will undoubtedly grow as the end of November approaches.

Every time lockdowns are imposed in the province, the invasive impacts to human rights and businesses are justified in the name of “protecting the healthcare system” from being overwhelmed. Yet, the same system is willing to purge itself of unvaccinated health care and other frontline workers.

It makes no sense.

I won't be vax passing a firefighter before he puts out my burning home. I won't be carding a cop before he catches the guy who mugged me. And I won't be asking if the medic is double jabbed before he takes me to the hospital.

These folks have done their job to keep up safe the last 20 months when none of us understood the risks we now do. They were heroes. Now they are zeroes in the eyes of the government.

Rebel News, in partnership with the registered Canadian charity The Democracy Fund, is taking 20 strategic lawsuits across Canada to overturn the vaccine passport system. To donate to the legal fund, visit Donations there qualify for a charitable tax receipt.

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