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Sir John A. Macdonald statue now under official “consideration” at Ontario legislature

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We live in a dire age in which cancel culture rules supreme — even upon the lawns of the Ontario legislature.

Case in point: the glorious statue of Sir John A. Macdonald. This wonderful work of art has been boarded up with plywood, as though the depiction of our country’s first prime minister is tantamount to pornography.


Well, turns out that going back to last summer, the Sir John statue has been labeled “triggering” to those delightful “mostly peaceful protesters” who make up the rank and file of Black Lives Matter.

Whenever these learned folks would congregate at Queen’s Park, they would vandalize and paint-bomb the statue. They probably would’ve torn it down, too, but apparently nobody in this magnificent mob possesses an engineering degree.

And so it is that Sir John has been effectively quasi-cancelled by being entombed in a makeshift coffin, a garbage bag placed over his head.


But recently, a sign was affixed to the tomb. It reads:

The Legislative Assembly of Ontario is a place for debate and deliberation on issues that matter in our province. Though we cannot change the history we have inherited, we can shape the history we wish to leave behind. The speaker of the Legislative Assembly is considering how the depictions of those histories in the monuments and statuary on the Assembly’s grounds can respect all of our diverse cultures and peoples.

But seriously, what does this mean? I think it means that Sir John is headed for permanent cancellation (a.k.a., cold storage) in the months ahead…

Seeking clarity, I reached out to Ivana Yelich, Premier Doug Ford’s spokeswoman. My questions:

  1. The language [on the signage] seems ambiguous. Does this mean that the statue is eventually going to be removed from Queen's Park?

  2. Why is the statue of our first Prime Minister entombed in such a fashion in the first place?

  3. I understand this statue has been vandalized in the past by Black Lives Matter protestors. Does Premier Doug Ford feel that these people are a “bunch of yahoos” (the term he used to describe those peaceful protestors who demonstrate against the economic lockdowns)?

  4. Boarding up the statue has effectively removed it from public gaze. Is this essentially caving into the mob that embraces cancel culture as opposed to taking a firm stance that those vandalizing monuments shall be prosecuted?

And the response? Yet, again, radio silence.

So welcome to Ontario, where our history is being scrubbed clean one statue at a time, and a place where Premier Doug “For the People” Ford has not the time to answer impolite or politically incorrect questions.

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  • By Tamara Ugolini

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