“Screw this, let's do it!”: Small toy store REOPENS, defying Peel Region lockdown

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What would Christmas Day be like if there were no gift-wrapped toys waiting for kids under the Christmas tree? It wouldn't be much of a Christmas at all, would it?

But this is 2020, and, thanks to the pandemic, too many politicians and bureaucrats have morphed into real-life Grinches! They've been putting businesses in an open-and-close cycle of despair for months, and the holiday season is proving to be no different.

The recent casualties of the no-fun-nanny-state includes a fantastic little toy shop in Bolton, Ontario called Nobletoyz, which was told to shut its doors under the 'grey zone' lockdown Peel region is now in.

Yet, the owner of Nobletoyz, Derrick Noble, is not bending the knee to the authorities who demand that he must close his shop while the toy departments at big box remain open for business. International corporations like Walmart and Costco can sell toys, so why not a small, locally-owned business?

Last Saturday, Noble took a stand and opened his shop to the public. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Indeed, even people who weren’t in the market for toys or collectibles made the trek out to Nobletoyz to show their support.

Alas, like other entrepreneurs who have taken a brave stance against the government Grinches, Noble has indeed paid a price for his civil disobedience. He's received tickets from bylaw enforcement officers — and even a visit from the Ontario Provincial Police!

Only time will tell if this local toy shop will continue to receive more tickets in the days leading up to Christmas. But let’s hope sanity prevails and that Derrick Noble is allowed to sell his toys without further harassment so this Toy Story can have a happy ending.

If you're a courageous business owner like Derrick, and you're planning on opening your doors in defiance of lockdown laws that might otherwise shut you down — please visit iWillOpen.ca to tell us your story!

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  • By David Menzies


Are you a small business who is still banned from opening in Canada, but plan to reopen your restaurant, store or gym anyway? Let us know, and we’ll report your breaking story. Simply fill out the form on this page with your details.


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