Solidarity rally for Jewish girls' school shot at by masked gunmen

Ezra Levant reports from Toronto, where a solidarity rally was being held after a Jewish girls' school was shot at by masked gunmen. Despite a strong turnout from both Jews and non-Jews, no Liberals, including local MP Ya'ara Saks, came to the event.

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I live in Toronto, not far from a Jewish girls' school that was shot up by masked gunmen.

The shooting was in the dead of night, so no one was hurt. But security footage shows what happened: a dark vehicle pulled up, and two masked men got out and pumped five rounds into the school and drove away.

It’s pretty obvious what it was: an act of terrorism. Yet weirdly, the Toronto police inspector who gave a press conference about it refused to say the words “Jewish” or “antisemitism” or “terrorism”.


Even more strange, police asked people to NOT circulate security footage of the suspects. Don’t police usually ask the public for help identifying criminals? What’s going on? Well, this morning hundreds of members of the local community — both Jewish and non-Jewish — had a rally outside that school in the rain.

Olivia Chow, the NDP mayor of Toronto was there — despite being deeply anti-Israel. Because she knows that a shooting at a school is serious enough to put aside her personal prejudices.

Three cabinet ministers from the Premier Doug Ford's Progressive Conservatives were there, too — even though they have refused to prosecute the Hamas crime wave in the province. 

But there was a notable absence: not a single Liberal MP in Toronto attended the solidarity rally — not even the local MP, Ya’ara Saks, who happens to be Jewish herself. It was truly shocking.

What do you think of that? I’m Jewish, so I have some skin in the game. But if it were, say, a predominantly black school shot up by the KKK, I’d like to think I’d be just as outraged. And I’d like to think that the local MP would show up to commiserate — especially if that local MP were black, too. 

Bizarrely, Saks refused. In fact, she’s been boycotting events in the Jewish community for months — ever since she visited with Mahmoud Abbas, the terrorist leader, earlier this year, and took a selfie with him.

I see in the news that Trudeau is now going to bring in 5,000 migrants from Gaza — something that Ya’ara Saks supports 100%. I’m afraid this is just going to get worse.

Ya’ara Saks is my MP, and it’s astonishing to watch a politician put Trudeau’s pro-Hamas policies ahead of the safety and security of her own constituents. Even children. 

What a disgraceful thing Ya’ara Saks has done to those girls, and to the larger community. Not just the Jewish community, but anyone in Toronto and across Canada who is sick of this hate-fuelled foreign violence being brought into our once-safe communities.

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