Some international arrivals to Canadian airports are refusing to stay at quarantine hotels

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On Monday, new air travel regulations went into effect at the four Canadian cities (Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver) that are still receiving international airline arrivals.

Arriving passengers must now take a Wuhan virus test and then stay for three days at L’hotel Quarantine (in which they must fork over about $2,000 of their own cash for this privilege).

But shortly after the program took effect, reports surfaced that some passengers simply bolted and took cabs home from the airport. This was confirmed by Peel Regional Police, who are now patrolling 

Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. Police have said they have tried talking people into obeying the new rules but have not been making any arrests. 

However, the hotel escapees might find out that running away makes for a case of, “pay me now or pay me (more) later.” 

In media reports, the Public Health Agency of Canada has stated those who don’t follow the rules and go straight home could be on the hook for a fine of $1,800 per person per day. And anyone who disobeys mandatory quarantine orders could face a fine of up to $750,000 and/or six months in jail. 

We dropped by Pearson International on Thursday night to check out the behaviour of passengers touching down from Istanbul, Turkey.

Everybody said they planned on obeying the rules and would stay at those awful quarantine hotels. We didn’t observe anyone making a run for it. Then again, can you blame them? Who wants a six-figure fine and a half-year stay at a real prison? 

Oh, aren’t the “Friendly Skies” such a delightful joy these days...?

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