SPONSOR | These unique supplements are mother nature's multi-vitamins

In harmony with our goal to provide preventative health-care solutions and holistic care, The Wellness Company is proud to introduce the Origin Series product line.

SPONSOR | These unique supplements are mother nature's multi-vitamins
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As the name implies, the Origin Series champions a return to nature, addressing the pressing need for cleaner, more natural dietary choices amid a landscape of processed foods and a health-care system seemingly more interested in chemical cures than preventing illness.

The Origin Series includes pure bison organ supplements, bee pollen, broccoli sprouts and organic essential oils. These unique, natural products are derived solely from plants and animals and do not contain harmful chemicals, genetically modified ingredients, growth hormones, or other additives.

Bison Trifecta 

Concerns About GMOs and Synthetic Ingredients

These days, many "food" ingredients leave you out of breath just reading them — assuming you know the proper pronunciation.

GMOs and synthetic ingredients, like artificial sweeteners and lab-created caffeine, are found in almost everything. There is much debate about GMOs, but the main concerns arise from their potential to cause allergies and contribute to antibiotic resistance 1.

Similarly, synthetic additives, though common, can disrupt the body's natural processes, affecting everything from metabolism to brain health2.

These findings underscore the urgency of seeking more natural, unadulterated food sources, such as Origin Bison Trifecta. This unique blend of bison heart, liver, and kidney offers a cornucopia of essential nutrients — like a multivitamin straight from nature.

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The Bison Trifecta: A Closer Look

Why focus on bison organ meats? Studies highlight the dense nutritional profiles of organ meats, which are rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins essential for immune health, energy levels, and overall vitality3.

The Bison Trifecta takes advantage of these nutrient-packed organs, offering a holistic supplement that supports everything from athletic performance to cognitive function.

We also ensure the bison are grass-fed and finished, improving the nutritional content, and maintaining a healthy omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid ratio.

Additionally, the animals are raised without hormones, vaccines, or GMO feed, guaranteeing a product as close to nature as possible.

Promise of Purity and Integrity

The Wellness Company's commitment to purity is evident in our meticulous sourcing and processing. By avoiding the use of hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, and gluten, we provide a safe and clean product that is mindful of nature's delicate balance. This dedication to quality and respect for nature sets the Origin Series apart in a market flooded with lower-quality alternatives.

Embracing Nature's Blueprint for Health

The Origin Series brings you more than health supplements; it is a path back to the fundamentals of health and wellness, rooted in the belief that nature offers the best blueprint for our well-being. By choosing products aligned with these principles, you invest in a healthier future for yourself and our planet.

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Bison Organ Supplement


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TWC Spike Support Formula


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References: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8367867/#r6


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