Stephen Harper's son takes a shot at Ezra Levant: Ezra responds

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As Canada Day approaches, it appears that the lockdown in Alberta is finally coming to an end. The province, which once was the strongest in resisting the stringent measures enacted in other parts of the country, ended up jailing three pastors and engaging in costly legal battles with small-town restaurants that were simply trying to survive.

With the restrictions winding down, Ezra Levant had some harsh words for Alberta's chief medical officer of health, suggesting that her decisions caused more harm than good. Taking exception to this tweet was none other than Ben Harper, a staffer in Premier Jason Kenney's government and the son of former prime minister Stephen Harper.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra shared his thoughts on the comment made by Ben Harper. One line from the younger Harper that really irked Ezra was his suggestion to “show some class.” Ezra thought this was a peculiar choice of words, saying:

Really, Ben? Am I not classy enough? I'm too low class for you, Ben? I'm not high class, I'm not fancy, I'm not part of the establishment — I think you're right.

I'm not part of the NHL class that's exempt. I'm not a millionaire hockey player or billionaire owner, I'm not apart of the Hollywood movies that for some reason had a data-driven exemption from Deena Hinshaw. The politicians, the lobbyists, the bureaucrats who have these Sky Palace parties with $50 bottles of booze.

It is true, I'm not classy enough for that, Ben. It is true. I'm what the Brits would call middle class. I'm not working class, I'm not high class. My dad was a doctor, I've got a law degree. But I went to a public high school, a normal university. I work for a living. I'm not high class, that's for sure. I use the wrong fork most of the time.

But you know, I'm old enough Ben — and I come from Calgary, so I actually know your parents, Ben. I knew them each before they were married to each other, did you know that?

Laureen Teskey and Stephen Harper, and I know them a bit. And they're not high class either.

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